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Michael Lynch

Author of The Golden Gladiator

This is the epic journey and the true story of . . . The Golden Gladiator.

When we were approached by Michael Lynch to create a website to highlight the release of his upcoming memoir, The Golden Gladiator, we knew we wanted to showcase not only the book itself but Michael’s extensive image catalog as well. Creating a gallery page allowed us to feature images of Michael’s recent achievement as America’s oldest football player as well as pictures from his personal archives demonstrating a lifelong love of football, friendship, and family.



After seeing his nephew play in a high school All-Star game on Long Island during the summer of 2012, Michael has an epiphany . . . he wants to play football again. Once upon a time in the late sixties and early seventies he was a football star in high school and college and in the semi-pro leagues on Long Island. Now, forty years later he decides to turn back the clock and risk life and limb to play football again in one of the toughest semi-pro leagues in America, the Florida Football Alliance.

It is a story of courage, redemption, tragedy and love as he plays for four years and gets into over fifty football games. He will go on to be a game captain, named Honorable Mention on the 2014 Florida Football Alliance All Star team, and will be honored at the league’s banquet in his final year in 2018 for his inspiration and dedication to the game he loves. He will play on two championship teams in 2015 and 2018.

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