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Finding (and Growing) Your Tribe

These days, it seems that the world lives on social media. Conversations happen online. So does commerce. Having a strong and engaged social media presence is a required part of being a thought leader or an author. If you want to grow your audience–and your influence–you need to be engaging with people online: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram. We can help you to build a large and highly engaged audience on social media.

Let Us Do The Work

Creating an active social media presence takes time, time that most people don’t have. That’s where we come in. We specialize in stepping into your shoes, learning your voice, your interests, your passions, and creating content that reflects YOU. With your input, we find articles, news, and blogs about topics that both reflects who you are as a person and connect directly to your target audience of clients, customers, or readers. We create beautiful images to share, using quotations from you and well-known individuals to attract attention to your social media platform. Our process is iterative; we do the research, the content-creation, and the posting once you’ve approved it. You watch your audience grow. 

What We Do


We work with you to create an overall brand and message that both reflects your work and appeals to your target audience. We then develop a content strategy around your brand.  

Content Creation

We create and publish daily content for you across your preferred social media platforms. Content includes image-quotes, articles, insights, product promotions, and other reflections of your work. 

Ad Campaigns

We’ve found that growing your social media audience requires some additional advertising of your pages and your daily content. We’ll develop, launch, and manage your ad campaigns to grow your audience as quickly (and economically) as possible.

Case Study:

Dr. William Haseltine 

Dr. Haseltine is the founder of the non-profit, Access Health International and author of many books on different dimensions of transforming health systems. We were brought on to manage and grow Dr. Haseltine’s social media presence in order to expand his influence, establish his authority as a thought leader, and grow an audience for his many books. Through daily content and strategic advertising we have grew the Facebook page fans from zero to 5,000 in six months and grew LinkedIn followers and connections by over 3,000 in one year.

Sample posts

Case Study:

John Mattone 

John Mattone is the world’s top ranked executive coach, a well-known leadership speaker, and a bestselling author. He hired us to create engaging content for his social media platforms that would help grow his overall brand, sell books, and bring him more consulting clients.


      • Grew LinkedIn followers to 16,500 in one year
      • Daily posts averaging 2,000 views
      • Posts have an average of 35 engagements (likes, comments, shares

Sample posts

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I have worked closely with Launch My Book on the publication of People Tools, and their experience and energy helped my book to end up on the New York Times Bestseller List.  In addition, they have been extremely helpful in editing my blogs and placing them on a number of websites.

Alan C. Fox

Author of People Tools

If you’re an author who doesn’t want to spend time seeking endorsements or wrestling with the challenges of social media, then Launch My Book is the answer to your prayers. Their author support and book launch services are tailored to your specific needs, endlessly energetic and resourceful throughout.

Marguerite Elisofon

Author of My Picture Perfect Family

I used to think, hey, social media is a snap, no problem, I can do it! Well, I realized that wasn’t the case. I was extremely fortunate to cross paths with Launch My Book. They understand the convoluted social media industry, and calmly and seemingly effortlessly handled everything, while always making sure my views were being expressed on my platform. They are very detail oriented and imaginative. I feel very fortunate to have had them on my team and would highly recommend them as a talented asset to anyone in need of a social media platform.

Adele Paula Royce

Author of The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes

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