In the latest of our author expert interview series I was excited to sit down with Joan T. Randall, a best-selling author, publisher, author coach, and entrepreneur. She owns Victorious You Press, which is a hybrid publishing company that offers wrap-around support for authors who want to self-publish. 

Basically, when it comes to being an author and independent publisher there is nothing that Joan hasn’t done! I knew after meeting her at the IBPA conference she would be a wealth of information for both seasoned and first-time authors. 

While Joan has lots of practical advice for people, she is also incredibly inspiring. She is motivated to help people be successful in whatever that looks like to them. One of my favorite pieces of advice she has for authors is: don’t just publish one book. Always be figuring out your next thing and how to keep your momentum going. 

In our conversation we covered: 

  • Joan’s first book and how she launched it in 2016
  • Concrete ways to keep your book in front of people 
  • How to find your audience and your ideal reader 
  • How she leveraged social media to figure out what her readers wanted in a book
  • Why “the hustle” is the X factor when it comes to being successful
  • Creating a legacy 
  • Why people choose to work with her as a hybrid publisher
  • Her bootcamp blueprint of taking books and turning them into a business 
  • An upcoming anthology project she is recruiting writers for 

To connect with Joan Randall:

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