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When Mary Verrill first met Thea Bowman during a literature class that Bowman taught at Viterbo University, the relationship changed her life forever. And she wasn’t alone. Dr. Bowman’s legacy looms large as a civil rights activist, pioneering educator, and outspoken pioneer within the African-American Catholic movement. Verrill was inspired to introduce a new generation of students, many of whom attend schools named after Dr. Bowman, to her life and legacy. So she decided to write a book: Thea Bowman: A Story of Triumph. Originally written for middle grade readers (Grades 6-12), she soon realized that Bowman’s life was so vast that she needed to expand the audience to anyone interested in learning about a pioneer who overcame every obstacle she faced. 

In our conversation, we covered the following topics:

  • Who Thea Bowman was and why she wanted to write about her
  • How she’s used grassroots marketing to spread the word about the book to the large network of individuals and institutions that have been inspired by Dr. Bowman’s work. 

 You can learn more about Mary and her book at: www.verrillventures.com

You can purchase her book on Amazon.

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