I recently had the privilege of meeting one of my writing heroes: Michael Larsen, author of what I consider to be an indispensable book How to Write a Book Proposal. We bumped into each other at the San Francisco Writers Conference, an event that he started with his late wife in 2003. 

If you haven’t heard of Michael, you should! In addition to writing the book and starting the conference, he’s dedicated his career to helping writers achieve their publishing dreams. He was a literary agent for many years and has written two other books, including How to Get a Literary Agent (third edition), and Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 Weapons for Selling Your Work (second edition) which he co authored. 

When we met at the conference, Michael said something fascinating, especially coming from someone who has spent much of his life helping writers land traditional publishing deals: Michael thinks that the future of publishing lies in self-publishing. So I asked if I could interview him and dive deeper into this subject. 

You can watch the full interview below. Here are a few topics we discuss: 

  • Why Michael believes self-publishing is the future of writing 
  • How to start building your own community of readers 
  • How to define your goals 
  • Why you have to love what you do 
  • How to hone your craft whether for traditional or self-publishing 
  • How to turn your writing into a business
  • Michael’s newest book project

To learn more about Michael, visit his website https://larsenauthorcoaching.com/

You can also email Michael questions at: epml@aol.com.

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