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Lisa Slabach is a Fintech customer relations executive by day and a writer of women’s fiction on nights and weekends (and planes). She has successfully written, self-published, and promoted two novels: Degrees of Love and Ten Thousand I Love You’s and is currently working on a third, currently known only as “the work wife book.” I first met Lisa when we designed her author website back in 2017. 


I wanted to speak with her not only because she is typical of many self-published authors (has a day job and writes “on the side”), but she’s had an unusual amount of success for someone in her position. I wanted to pick her brain about her books, her writing process, and how she’s been able to achieve a modicum of success in such a difficult endeavor: selling self-published fiction. 


In our conversation, we covered the following topics:


  • What her two novels are about
  • How she finds time to write fiction while holding a busy “day job”
  • The tactics she’s used to get tons of customer reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (over 100 Amazon reviews for Degrees of Love!)
  • Her recommendations for running a successful blog tour for a fiction book, including reputable companies that can help
  • Why she chooses to sell her books as an Amazon Bookseller (as opposed to directly through KDP) and the pros and cons of that approach

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