Thinking About Querying a Publishing Company to Buy Your Book? Watch This First. 

I recently sat down with Anne MacDonald, who I was so excited to meet at the 2024 Independent Book Publishers Association Conference in Denver. We started talking at the conference about Anne’s work as an Acquisitions Director for a small press, and I knew that our readers would be interested in what she had to say, and hear her tips and advice for authors hoping to land a book deal. 

Anne MacDonald is a published author, writing coach, the Associate Editor at Indigo River Publishing and the former Acquisitions Director for Indigo River Publishing based in Florida. She is an expert on how to query a small publishing company or a literary agent, and the steps you need to take to transform your manuscript from good to great. 

To say Anne is a wealth of information would be an understatement. She lives and breathes all things books from her work with Indigo River Publishing, to her Youtube channel for Debut Writers, to her work as a writing coach, and she is even developing AI software to help authors find and query book agents. 

As an Acquisitions Editor, she got to work with hundreds of authors to help them improve their books to try and get to a deal. In our conversation we talked about:

  • Anne’s journey to becoming a published author 
  • The mistakes she made along the way 
  • Her role as an Acquisitions Director, and what she looks for when searching for new titles 
  • How to advocate for yourself as an author 
  • How to query with an agent verses without an agent 
  • What advice she has for authors getting ready to pitch their books 
  • What she looks for when a new query come in 
  • Author platform and when it matters to sell a book 
  • How to build a platform as fiction author 
  • Her Youtube channel Debut Writers 
  • Her brand new AI software built to help author’s reach their goals


To learn more about Anne MacDonald:

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