Marketing a book isn’t easy. And (generally speaking) authors are more focused on writing and finishing a book than marketing it. (No blame, no shame…you’re a writer, after all!) These days, though, you have to be prepared to market your book if you want folks to read it. So we’ve compiled some very helpful articles here to help you start putting together your to-do list. This is particulary focused on promoting a non-fiction book, although there are a few nuggets in here for you fiction authors out there!


The 10 Real Secrets of Nonfiction Publicity

All the marketing tips in the world can’t replace being passionate about sharing your book with readers, but just in case you need some ideas how to use that passion, here is a list of great options from Writers Digest!

The 10 Real Secrets of Nonfiction Publicity

By Richard Cambell on The Writer’s Digest


How To Use LinkedIn For Sales

LinkedIn is on the rise and it just happens to be a great social platform for authors. Designed with B2B networking in mind, LinkedIn lends itself to developing an engaging audience and community, especially in the non-fiction world.     

How To Use LinkedIn For Sales

By Victor Clark on  Digital Information World


How To Market Children's Books

Marketing a children’s book poses a unique challenge: The books must simultaneous appeal to the children who read them as well as the adults who buy them. We found this great blog post by Nick Stephenson which relays some valuable lessons learned from seven-time bestselling children’s author, Y. Eevi Jones.

11 Powerful Ways To Market Children’s Books

By Nick Stephenson of Your First 10,000 Readers


The Author-Agent-Editor Collaboration

Launching a successful book is a team effort. Check out this insightful podcast with the author, agent, and editor of My Lovely Wife on how the quality of the team makes all the difference.

Episode 245: The Author-Agent-Editor Collaboration — Interview with Samantha Downing, Barbara Poelle, and Jen Monroe

By Gabriela Pereira of DIY MFA 


7 Day Marketing For Non-Fiction Books On A Budget

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to marketing campaigns. We found this golden nugget of practical tips for when you are ready to launch your book on Amazon. It’s all about getting your ducks in a row at just the right time to become an Amazon best seller.

7 Day Marketing For Non-Fiction Books On A Budget

By Annika Utgaard of The Writing Cooperative

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