We are not going to lie to you. Marketing outreach can be grueling, and marketing as a self-published author can be especially challenging. You put in long hours, and rejection is part and parcel to the process. However, when you finally get your book reviewed on a prominent blog, or nail that interview with an influential host, you will be on cloud nine. Hard work pays off, and better yet—you’ll discover that the more outreach you do, the easier it becomes.

These days, is is increasingly less common for traditional book publishers to put money into promoting most authors, and for self-published authors, well….it’s obvious that it’s entirely up to you, dear author! So, because it’s hard to do anything alone (and you already wrote that whole book all alone, didn’t you?!) we want to step in and lend a hand on your marketing journey. Below are a few outreach topics on marketing your self-published book to inspire you to put in the time to get your book out there and in the hands of readers!


What is Outreach Marketing Anyway?

In our increasingly multidimensional marketing world, it is easy to get caught up in the trends and overlook the fundamentals when trying to get your work seen. What we like about this article by Kristen Matthews of GroupHigh, is that she lays out aspects of human communication and relationships that should be considered in any outreach endeavor you pursue. Although geared more generally to brands, this article is highly relevant to self-published authors because as people who spread stories and ideas, you have a unique ability to build distinct and loyal audiences.

What is Outreach Marketing Anyway?

By Kristen Matthews of GroupHigh


7 Tips for Getting Interviewed on Top Podcasts in Your Industry

Podcast interviews have quickly risen to being one of the best outreach methods you can pursue for marketing your self-published book. It easy to find engaged audiences who are already interested in your genre or field, and podcast hosts are always looking for new guests to cover compelling topics. Tyler Basu of Entrepreneur.com reached out to a few podcast hosts to get expert tips on how to get interviews and what to do when you schedule one.

7 Tips for Getting Interviewed on Top Podcasts in Your Industry

By Tyler Basu of Entrepreneur.com


How to Write Outreach Email to get Bloggers and Influencers to Promote your Book

Influencers and bloggers propel the digital marketing world and thus connecting and sharing content with them has become a staple of marketing outreach no matter what your industry is. Accordingly, these individuals and platforms receive constant requests to share content—meaning the chances of a response can be meager depending on your approach. In this insightful article, Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing details the kind of outreach emails that get responses.

How to Write Outreach Email to get Bloggers and Influencers to Promote Your Book

By Tom Buckland of Beingauthor.com


All Writers Should Be Attending Writers’ Conferences. Here’s Why

Whether you are an aspiring author or a seasoned veteran, writing conferences offer unmatched opportunity for education, networking, and inspiration.

All Writers Should Be Attending Writer’s Conferences. Here’s Why

By Steven Spatz of The Writing Cooperative


How to Pitch Your Novel at a Writer's Conference

If you do find yourself at a writer’s conference, don’t miss the opportunity to share your book with publishers and agents! This great article by Cliff Daigle of The Balance Careers delves into multiple ways of developing a pitch and how to deliver it masterfully. Whether or not you are pitching yourself at a conference, this is a must read for anyone ready to sell their book.

How to Pitch Your Novel at a Writer’s Conference

By Cliff Daigle of The Balance Careers

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