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We’ve all heard that customer reviews are becoming increasingly influential within the minds of potential consumers for everything from books to tech products to restaurants. But when it comes to launching a book, many authors face a “chicken and egg” challenge when trying to get Amazon reviews.

On one hand, when you launch a book you want your Amazon book page to be as compelling as possible. And having lots of customer reviews on your page is an extremely important factor.

But if you haven’t yet launched your book, and few people have even read it yet, how can you get reviews?

Here are a some simple tips that I’ve learned from working with authors to launch their books:

  1. Use your personal network of friends and colleagues. Send them advanced copies of the book and nicely ask for them to publish Amazon reviews on your page as close to launch date as possible.
  2. Seek out professional reviewers. Amazon keeps lists of its Top 1000, 500, 100, and 10 reviewers across all departments. Many of these reviewers specialize in books, and some in your genre. You can hire a service like Book Review Broker to reach out to their network of  professional reviewers, sorted by genre, and recommend your book for review.
  3. Ask your fans/followers. Reach out to your email list, your Facebook fans, your Twitter followers, etc and ask them to review the book in return for sending them an advanced copy. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to help you out!
  4. Encourage honesty. No book or product is perfect, so having all “5 Star” reviews on your book looks fishy to consumers. When you ask people to review your book, especially those close to you, encourage them to be honest about your work so the reviews are as authentic, and helpful as possible!

I hope you’ve found this advice helpful, and if you have anything to add, please do so in the comments!