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The highlight of this week’s collection of Top 5 Articles for Authors is the crazy news about Amazon cracking down on companies (and authors) hacking the platform to garner bestseller status–and what you should keep your eye on in the coming months.


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You Can Write That Book--Advice to Get You Going

Writing a book is a serious endeavor. Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom offers encouraging guidance to get you through all the stages. (And, please, call us when you’re ready to build your platform or website!)

Are You Gaming The System?

Amazon is cracking down on authors and services who game their system to generate sales. For most self-published authors, this is good news–it should level the playing field. Just be sure to stay on top of the changing rules.

Please, Just Ask!

Sometimes we have to ask our author clients to do things they are reluctant to do. Whether it’s reaching out for endorsements or making the ask for a promotional spot in a newsletter, authors can be reluctant to ask for help. (Right?!) Author Aimie K. Runyan calls it like it is–kindly, with compassion and encouragement to…just go for it!

Tips, Tips, Tips. Good Ones.

Top-notch! 119 ideas for getting your book noticed (eh-hem, purchased). Everything from how to structure a promo to building email lists, cover design, securing reviews, and more!

Deciphering the Code of the Cover Design

Self-published authors often ask us for help with cover design. We aren’t designers but we keep tabs on what elements go into effective books covers–and so can you!

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